3 Reasons Why You’d Still Want to Buy the PS Vita

3 Reasons Why You’d Still Want to Buy the PS Vita

The PS Vita is a gorgeous piece of hardware. Especially the PS Vita phat’s OLED display, which still preferred by hardcore PS Vita fans over the much lighter PS Vita Slim which still has its own merits, namely its battery life and its micro-usb charging port. However, most of its criticisms comes from the lack of AAA games. It’s not that there are no great games in PS Vita, its just that its main competition at launch, the 3DS had more high quality exclusives.

With the Nintendo Switch’s release and the console reaching its 6th year in the shelves, the PS Vita is one of the most powerful, yet underrated handheld console around. So, the question is: is the PS Vita still worth buying?

  1. You love JRPGs

    13614208993_1383781f51_b.jpgIf you’re like me and you like playing JRPGs, the Vita has a lot of in its library. Actually, most of the better games in the console are JRPGs. Titles like Persona 4 Golden and Final Fantasy X HD just to name a few. Personally I like playing these kinds of games on a handheld since its easier to get back to where you stopped wherever you are.

  2. Huge PSP Library

    2312252045_32ca31f367_b.jpgMost popular PSP games are available on the Vita. If you’re like me who missed out playing some of the good titles in the PSP, now’s a good time. Though you can play it in emulators like what I mentioned in my previous post, it’s still a different experience playing on a handheld like the Vita.

  3. Convenient Charging Port (PS Vita Slim)


    Compared to the 3DS, the Switch and the OLED Vita that all has proprietary charging ports, the PS Vita Slim has a micro-usb port. This means you can use your old smartphone chargers to top-up the device. Another good thing about it is that you can use the same powerbank that you might be using in your smartphone to charge it on those long trips.


Overall, whether the reasons above mentioned were able to convince you or not, the Vita is a really nice handheld console; though your interest in buying at the end of the day may still depend if the games available in the console are worth investing on.


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