Gaming on a Budget Tip#1: PSP Emulator

Gaming on a Budget Tip#1: PSP Emulator

Sometimes, it can be quite difficult to maintain a gamer lifestyle on a tight budget. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to save money and still play games without breaking the bank.  In my gaming on a budget series I will be sharing tips and tricks you can do if budget is an issue.

The PSP or the Playstation Portable is one of the most successful handhelds in recent years. One of its most popular games include the God of War series, Grand Theft Auto, Tekken and a couple of Metal Gear games. And of course, my personal favourite, the portable release of Persona 3 in this console, which I’ve spent hundreds of hours on.

It’s most popular emulator, the PPSSPP is the most stable emulator availble today and can be run in almost all modern computers and smartphones. Most likely, you already have devices that can run this emulator.

That’s why for my first gaming on a budget tip, I’ll be featuring PSP emulators.

Before getting started….

In order to play PSP games in the devices suggested below, you need to have PSP ISOs of your preferred PSP games. A quick google search can help you where you can get them or how you can back your UMDs into PSP ISOs yourself.

There are different ways you can start playing your beloved psp games on your other devices if you are on a tight budget:

  1. In your laptop or desktop PC


PSP emulators, specifically the PPSSPP does not really require a high-end laptop.  I’ve tried using the emulator on the HP Stream 7, a portable windows tablet (around $90 nowadays I think)  which runs on a quadcore intel atom processor with 1 GB RAM, though the PPSSPP website recommends 2GB of RAM for a more fluid gameplay.

So if you happen to have netbook or a laptop, or a desktop PC that at least has a dual-core processor, (with a minimum of 2.0 GHz clockspeed), you’re likely good to go. If gameplay’s still a bit too slow, you can play around with the settings to make run smoother.

You can get the PPSSPP emulator for Windows in this link:

  1. In your Smartphones


Most modern smartphones are capable of running the PPSSPP. You can download their app for free both in the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

If you plan on playing on your smartphone, I would suggest buying a gamepad compatible for your phone as playing games that requires a bit of dexterity (like Monster Hunter) can be a bit tricky on a touch screen.


Final Fantasy Type – 0 / PPSSPP

Other Tips

Buying a gamepad can be really helpful if you want to play your psp games comfortably, though playing it as is in your smartphone or computers is still possible as you can easily map the controls in the emulator.

The PPSSPP is an amazing app, though there might still be bugs here and there, and the speed for some games may not be consistent. Sometime you really have to tweak the settings per game.


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